Forever Praised

Forever Praised
By Zach Smith

How precious is the blood
How costly was the price
How marvelous the mercy of
Jesus Christ
How precious is the Stone
Rejected by the world
Chosen by the Father He’s
My cornerstone

Glory to the Lamb
Who took my hand
When I was a stranger
Glory to the Lamb
The blood He shed
Has made me perfect
In His sight
Glory to the Lamb
Who died and rose again
Exalted Savior
Forever praised
Forever praised

How fearful is my heart
How prone to wandering
How desperately I need Your blood
To cover me
Yet I have been redeemed
Not in part but totally
Death has lost its victory
I’m forever free

All honor
All glory
All praise is Yours

Zach: lead vocal, acoustic guitars, glockenspiel, accordion (yes). Kristian: bass. Nathan: drums. Peri: bgv, keys. Rachel: bgv, orchestra of violins.

© 2011 Zachary Smith