Song in the Night

Song in the Night
by Zach Smith
Dedicated with love to our dear Haitian church family in the Dominican Republic

Come lay your burdens, weary afflicted and He will give you rest
He’s lowly and humble, Father of compassion His Name, is Jesus

Come to the Lord, and He will be your Strength, your Strength for today
Come to the Lord, and He will be you Song, your Song in the night
Your Song in the night

Painter of galaxies, close to the suffering His Name is Jesus
He’s your willing and able Kinsman Redeemer, His Name is Jesus

Only light of Heaven sent into the darkness to pay the punishment for our peace
Risen and ascended, seated with the Father on an everlasting throne

Zach: lead vocals, acoustic guitar. Kristian: Bass Peri: background vocals, piano. Rachel: background vocals. Meleah: cowbell.

© 2011 Zachary Smith