Speak Lord

Speak Lord
by Rachel Kelly

Walls we build break/ Mountains will shake/ By the power of Your voice
New stars are formed/ Galaxies born/ By the power of Your voice
Yet You call us

Speak Lord!// Your servant is listening!// Drawn close by Your whisper// Bowed low by Your power
Speak Lord!// I come as an offering!// Poured out in Your presence// Consumed by Your Brilliance
Speak Lord!

Systems are changed/ Governments fade/ Apart from Your voice
Tempests are calmed/ In the rush of it all/ Only by Your strong voice
Yet You call us

Beauty will rise as the dead come to life/ Each heart revived in the streams of Your life
Glory will shine as Your people awake/ Singing Your praises recalled from the grave

Rachel: lead vocals, violin. Zach: bgv, acoustic guitars. Peri: bgv, keys. Kristian: bass. Nathan: drums, hand percussion (running from band of wild natives).

© 2011 Rachel Kelly