zach thanks

Jesus,You have saved me, and are saving me. I am the unworthy and grateful son of Your promise. You’ve done it all. May my life and these songs be a sweet sound in Your ear. Kenny, for your discipleship, your friendship, and your belief in God’s grace in me, I am profoundly grateful. May you sense your Father’s smile through these songs. Meleah, you have been bringing your gifts and initiative to this project from the very first band “practice” years ago. You are just as much a part of this as I am (sorry for blowing your cover of anonymity). Thanks for being along for the ride! Mom, I am here in large part because of your faithful intercession, as is this project. Your prayers and wisdom are precious to me. Dad, thank you for your guidance and shepherding. You are a man of rare integrity, and I am proud to be your son. Nathan, I applaud you for being willing to work with amateurs like myself. Your musicianship and hyper-critical ear have had an indelible mark on this project. I’m glad to be your friend. Let’s get some Chinese food sometime. Bryan Jones, thanks for seeing something in me when we were leading worship for 4 year olds. You gave me a chance and believed in me when I needed it most! Bryon Rossi, thank you for giving me my first guitar, and teaching me many invaluable lessons such as: love song tutorials, Spanish guitar facial techniques, etc. Unknown giver of amazing Breedlove guitar, you have no idea how timely that was—it sounds like a dream!