Chord Charts

Here are the chord charts for Headed for My Home. Enjoy!


Living and Active

All I’m Asking For

As You Are One

A Wide Place

Crown of Tenderness

Your Glory Never Ends

In the Silence

My Hope and Anchor Stay [I Love You Too]

O What Glory is This?

Song of the Risen Son

Your Name


2 thoughts on “Chord Charts

  1. Hey guys!
    I’m good friends with Joey Greer and love in Gainesville GA with Louis Hokayem (y’all came to play a little show here in the spring).

    I’ve just recently heard your stuff a lot more and am in love with the song, Song of a Risen Son!

    I’ve been wanting to learn piano for years and I know that song is not exactly the best piano song… But I’ve begun learning notes, etc the past 2 weeks and I would love to learn to play that song on piano, if you could give me the deets/notes/ whatever on being able to do that!!
    Or I would buy it if needed.

    I just have really really loved worshipping The Lord thru singing in my car to it– and would greatly love to strive to sing/play it on piano!

    Thanks a ton for reading + hope your in GA again soon. U gotta fan in me!

    -Graham Williams

    • Hi Graham! I’m so sorry I missed getting back to you on this. We don’t have music written out for Song of the Risen Son but let me see what it would take to get that done! And we would LOVE to get back to your part of GA again soon! We’ve been in Stone Mountain and Augusta but not Gainesville. Try emailing or sending the band a message on facebook or twitter to check back in on my progress! Thanks!

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