Oh Lord / plant me like a tree within Your house / There’s an aching deep within my bones / Your presence is the treasure of my soul / It’s where my heart is found / Where my heart is found // Let my heart be a highway to Zion / Running narrow and true / Set my sails on the sea of surrender / I am not my own / Not my own / You are my Home // Oh Lord / I have seen the goodness of Your land / It ruins me for any lesser thing / All Your strength and glory light the way / Until I reach my home / Until You bring me home / Single-minded / Whole-hearted / Set my face like a stone / Letting go of / What’s behind me / I am headed for my home

Written by Zachary Tate Smith, ℗ & © 2013 So But Yeah Music (SESAC)


5 thoughts on “Highway

    • We’re so honored and humbled! Sorry we are just now responding…we were leading mission trips with our youth group when you first posted and I just now saw it. Praying your weary soul has been restored!

  1. I was at the December Conference for Precept Ministries, and I was touched by this song. It explains so much about how we don’t belong here and we belong with him. It gives me such a happy feeling inside. I hope to see you again next year!!!
    Ben Wilkey

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