Song of The Risen Son

You hold the keys / Of heaven and earth / From eternity / Eternity / You are complete in perfection so sweet / You are otherly / Otherly // Holy Holy / God Almighty / Worthy is the Lamb who was slain / Holy Holy / God Almighty / Worthy is the Lamb who will reign // You humbled Yourself / To death as a man / To redeem Your own / Redeem Your own / You will appear and return on the clouds / And all flesh will see / And bend their knee / One generation / Will tell of Your works so / Another can know of Your infinite worth / All of Your works here / In heaven or earth or / Above or below will come tremble before / And bring blessing to Him who is seated on high / Who alone dwells in fierce unapproachable light / Until children from every nation and tongue / Will join in the song of the risen Son 

Written by Zachary Tate Smith, ℗ & © 2013 So But Yeah Music (SESAC)