Your Glory Never Ends

No one can fathom Your wisdom / No one can question Your judgments / Who knows breadth of Your heavens / Who weighed the peaks in a balance / From sunrise to sunset / Your glory never ends / Who sends the furious tempests / Yet holds the tides in a harness / Who calls the snow from its storehouse / Summoning springs in the desert // From sunrise to sunset / Your glory never ends /// You’re Holy / Holy Lord / You’re Holy Lord / Majesty and praise / Ordained in all You’ve made / Heralding Your ways / Emanating praise /// Who has commanded the morning / Who sends the stars on their courses / You rule over changing of seasons / Enthroned over changing of kingdoms / All in Your temple cry Holy / Heaven and earth shout Your glory 

Written by Rachel Austin Kelly and Zachary Tate Smith, ℗ & © 2013 Waking Nain (SESAC) / So But Yeah Music (SESAC)