Anchor That Holds

Precious Intercessor of the souls of men / Bearing all our sorrows, our prayers and burdens / High Priest of redemption, Lamb of sacrifice / You were torn asunder that we would have new life // Every troubled thought we give / Every aching cry we lift / Every heavy heartbeat come before Your throne / Now in humble confidence / Through a better covenant / Purified we rest inside Your living Hope // King who knows our frailty, God who took our form / Our tears You have collected and counted them as Yours / We believe and we speak what we know / That our hope is an anchor that holds / We take refuge in He who has gone before / When the darkness and sorrow enfold / We rejoice in the triumph He holds / We will rise just the same as our Jesus, our Lord

Written by Zachary Tate Smith and Rachel Austin Kelly, ℗ & © 2015 So But Yeah Music (SESAC) / Waking Nain (SESAC)