Vignette No. 2: Live At The Neighborhood Show

So we had a little dream, to bring people together to be neighbors… If only for an evening of music, and then maybe enduring… And we’d call it The Neighborhood Show.

And then we realized it was the five year anniversary of when our first EP (Hastening the Day) came out…when we officially became a band (but didn’t realize it was happening yet). And we had been wanting to record some updated versions of songs from that EP. And people had been begging us to record a couple of new songs we’ve been singing lately.

So we decided to record Live At The Neighborhood Show last month (almost 5 years to the day after we released Hastening the Day and did an album release concert). Recording a live album can be a bit unnerving… But it turned out to be a bit of magic that we’re so excited to share with you!

You can order physical copies of the CD here, or get them from us in person or wherever we’re playing (come to An As Isaac Family Christmas at The Opry if you’re near Chattanooga!), or any digital platform you like to buy music (like iTunes).

To celebrate, we’ll be posting the songs over this week for you to listen to. Here’s the first, long awaited, “Anchor That Holds.” Stay in touch…



Thoughts on 2015 . . .

Thoughts on 2015 . . .

Considering that not long from now will be the one year mark since recording “Time to Move On” puts us in a little bit of a tailspin. Considering that that EP, “For My Good”, and our first Christmas project all happened in 2015 makes the tailspin substantially more dramatic. Who is like the Lord to give such good gifts that stun us and glorify Him simultaneously? And Who is more lavish to multiply our small ideas (which He sows in us) into Kingdom meals that feed His flock? He
*delights* to give the Kingdom (Lk. 12:32)!

Distinct moments from 2015 rise to the surface. One of the most sacred is singing “For My Good” with a group from our church’s youth and some of our Haitian church family at a dump in the Dominican Republic we visit each year. The community nearby, where some of our friends live, had lost a man to an aggressive shooting just the night before. From our own town, we caught wind of an apparent terrorist shooting that same day, not long after we sang. The empathy of Heaven, all bound up in our Lord Who suffered more than any other, bent so close that day, and the Truth of that song has never landed so clearly in our hearts. Because truly the Gospel tore through soul-ground that day which normally seemed as cracked and hard as the trash-tracked land itself. Life from death. Joy from raw sorrow. When we came back home and shared a couple of months later with our Chattanooga family what the Lord did in the Dominican, we sang that song again with some of our students in the youth band. Knowing some of their own stories of Jesus’ redemption, looking out to see more students worshiping from their own ground of sorrow redeemed- it undid us yet again and does still.

When 2015 began with the bold-faced declaration of “moving on”, our hearts definitely put up a fight. We knew growth meant growing pains and pruning and we didn’t want it. But it’s been one of the most intensively refining years as sons and daughters of Christ and in the callings that come within that identity in our callings. Whether it was Rachel taking vocal lessons and finding the Lord ever patient to spiritually heal things that kept her physical voice held back and unsure, or Kristian getting to experience the joy and honor of baptizing some of his friends and students he had once led in Children’s ministry in church; we have all grown immensely in receiving and being settled in Whose we are and who we are so we can steward more responsibility in greater freedom. Some of the growth this year hasn’t been rapid fire or very concrete. But it’s all been a definite releasing into greater confidence of what He’s already called us to personally and what He’s called us into as a group for now.

Whether singing joyfully and boldly into the face of cancer and death with a dear friend in Ontario, hearing “My Hope And Anchor Stay [I Love You Too]” sung in Spanish from God’s people like pure diamonds in a ramshackle village, or hearing the sound of liberated hearts declaring “Free indeed is the one the Son sets free!”, these Truths have been beautifully wrecking us and releasing us to praise the One who is our Living Hope. Together, we can rejoice under the banner that, indeed, our Jesus can and will turn it all around for good. And this hope is secured because He was dead, but now He is alive, and we have received the staggering invitation to trade all the brokenness that we are for all the glory of His resurrection life. Thus, we are no longer defined by our wounds, but by the wounds of the One who loved us and gave Himself up for us. Because of this, as we move into this next year, we can move forward in freedom and confidence to take the land that He has promised to His sons and daughters in Christ. He will go before you and make a way through the waters before you!

And we know He is making a way before us as well. That the Lord has good things prepared for us to walk in the coming months of 2016. That He is leading us into a good land. So do stay in touch and be watching for things to come . . .

And here’s a treat from a spontaneous worship session in the heart of a ministry dear to our hearts.

An As Isaac Family Christmas



Our first Christmas project is now available! It’s called an “An As Isaac Family Christmas” and we want to share it with you…our family. In keeping with the spirit of all that is nostalgic and simple, we’re releasing it on cassette. Yes, you heard that right, cassette. And when you order your cassette, you’ll receive a digital download now and your cassette will arrive before Christmas.

We’re thrilled to share with you some songs that we hope will represent everything Merry and Bright this holiday season for you. Everything Merry and Bright found in the Light that we have come to see, worship and now go to share with others.

It has the original “Shepherd’s Song” written by Rachel, a transition track of musical Christmas magic, “Little Drummer Boy,” and an arrangement of “Go Tell It On The Mountain” with the original chorus Zach wrote called “God Is With Us Now.”

Immanuel, God is with us now!

You can order “An As Isaac Family Christmas” here.


Our new song “For My Good” was three years in the making and 45 minutes in the writing. Three years of watching people we love have to walk through a lot of really hard things. Three years of working through what it means in Romans 8:28 when it says that “God causes all things to work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose.”

Because of the cross, we can take our eyes off our wounds and place them on Christ’s wounds because it is by His wounds that we are healed (1 Peter 2:24).

Psalm 147:3 says that “He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds.” The question we believe Jesus is asking us now is this, “Do you want to be healed?” (John 5:6)

It’s our own stories and the stories of those that we love that are full of burdens and disappointments, that we are choosing to trade for goodness, glory and resurrection. Resurrection over the places in our hearts that have been defined by loss.

So we are inviting you to share your story of seeing the Lord work things for good in your life. We know we need reminders ourselves and telling our own story can be so very healing. But our stories also encourage others so that we may comfort others with the comfort we’ve been given (2 Corinthians 1:4). So they know they are not alone, not the only ones.

As you post your story, just use the hashtag #projectformygood and then we can all see the stories and speak life over each other. To walk in resurrection together. To walk with open hearts willing to trust that God is here, that He is able, that He is good, and that He will turn all things around to use them for good in the lives of His children He dearly loves.

We know the truth in this song is resonating in a unique way as we share it and we believe that the Lord gave us this song for such a time as this for His people. So let’s speak this truth over each other. Let’s celebrate our stories together.


Live Video of “For My Good”

We’re excited to share with you a live video of “For My Good” that the talented Nathan Mileur gifted to us just before his move to Austin, TX.

On a summer afternoon, we gathered friends young and old, longtime and recent, to sing a few songs together in the heart of our city.

Enjoy! And be sure to download “For My Good” free if you haven’t yet.

Preview Short of “For My Good”

Here’s a short silent story preview to visually represent our heart behind our new single “For My Good.” May your heart be comforted and somehow see the Lord’s goodness more fully than before.

Grandfather and grandson played by the most wonderful neighbors who are grandfather and grandson in real life.

Love to you all!

“For My Good” releases for free

“For My Good” has officially released for free! You can download it HERE.

We’ll be sharing some things over the next month or so as we all soak in the truth of this song together. Let us hold fast and remind each other all the more! So please do stay in touch.

There is an urgency attached to this song, a timeliness in the Kingdom. Won’t you please share it with those who it would encourage?