The Neighborhood Show


Won’t you be our neighbor?

Coming together, playing in the spaces in our lives, inviting into deeper relationship, stretching in art and thought, introducing our favorite people to each other…

Could you be our neighbor? Could we all be neighbors, at least for an evening?

We’re thrilled to announce a seasonal concert series called The Neighborhood Show in our lovely hometown of Chattanooga, Tennessee.

The Neighborhood Show is an intimate, limited seating, ticketed concert held four times a year…one for each season. Each show will feature a couple of artists we consider neighbors, ones we know you’ll enjoy getting to know as well.

The Neighborhood Show winter show will be Tue, Feb 21 at 7pm at 701 Cherry Street (the home of Whiteboard) in Chattanooga. We will be playing along with Nashville singer songwriter Christopher Williams and the local favorite Drakeford.

Tickets are limited and very well may sell out, as we’re intentionally keeping it small. (For our fall show we were able to add more seats, but this will not be the case for the winter show.) Tickets are $10 and you will need to purchase one online or from us in person in advance. Your purchase will not be mailed, it will add you to the door list.

And maybe, just maybe, consider a neighbor you’d like to invite along. We can’t wait to share the evening together and launch a wonderful series in our community!